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Tips For Using This Hypertext Dictionary


You can scroll the Table of Contents in the left frame. Clicking on a link in the Table of Contents frame will display the selected item in this frame. You can resize the frames by dragging the vertical frame separator.

As you navigate through the information screens, remember that you can use the BACK button to "backtrack" to previous screens.

From a "full screen" display, you can return to the framed display by using the BACK button or the CONTENTS button.

After you click inside a frame (to make it active), you can use the UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW, PAGE UP, and PAGE DOWN keys to scroll in that frame. This is often faster than using the mouse for scrolling.

It may happen that, when you click on a link in the dictionary, you get an error message saying that the browser cannot open a certain file. This happens when the dictionary contains invalid references. If the dictionary is a "work in progress", this is normal and nothing to worry about. However, if the dictionary is in "production" status, this indicates a bug in the dictionary, and it should be reported to the person who maintains the dictionary.

Display Appearance

To improve the appearance of hypertext links, you may wish to turn OFF your browser's underline links option. You can do this in Microsoft Internet Explorer by going into VIEW, OPTIONS, GENERAL.

Keeping your browser's default font size fairly small will make it easier to view this information. You can do this in Microsoft Internet Explorer by clicking on VIEW, FONTS, and selecting MEDIUM, SMALLER, or SMALLEST.

You may be able to improve the quality of the display on your machine by increasing the screen resolution.