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.APPENDIX....: Another Utility Named "Fdate"
There is another shareware utility named Fdate in circulation, written by Garrett A. Wollman. Mr. Wollman's Fdate is a kind of "touch" utility that can be used to change a file's NAME (rather than its date/time stamp) to a certain date. The Public Software Library in Houston distributes it under the name Fdate.ZIP. PSL distributes my [Ferg's] Fdate under the name FdateSF.ZIP.

As of April 1997, you can reach PSL by telephone (voice) at (713) 524-6394, by Compuserve at 74777,3465, or by the Web at

The most recent information I have is that Garrett Wollman can be reached at:

     Garrett A. Wollman
     7 Worcester Street
     South Burlington, VT 05403

     ...uunet!uvm-gen!tnl!gwollman   (summer)
Both Fdates have been in circulation under the name Fdate.ZIP for too long to make it practical to change the name of either one. All that can be done is to warn you of a potentially confusing situation. If you see a file named Fdate.ZIP, read the description of the file to determine which Fdate it is. Checking the version numbers may also help-- as of April 1996, Ferg's Fdate is in version 9.3; Mr. Wollman's Fdate is in version 1.2.