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.APPENDIX....: Use, Registration, And Distribution Of Fdate
Fdate is freeware, or what is known as "zero-cost shareware". Fdate is not what is technically called "public domain" software because the author retains the copyright. Fdate can, however, be copied, used, and distributed freely as long as Fdate.EXE and its associated documentation files (Fdate.TXT, HISTORY.TXT, EXAMPLES.TXT) and demonstration batch files and doc files (HOLIDAYS.BAT, HOLIFEDS.BAT, HOLIFEDS.TXT) are not altered and are distributed together.

There is no requirement to register Fdate in any way.

Fdate can be included in shareware packages as long as both Fdate and its related files are included in the shareware package.

If you have received Fdate as part of some larger shareware package, please be aware that you may freely use, copy, and distribute Fdate without paying a fee for, or registering, the larger package.

The author explicitly disavows any claim whatsoever about the correctness or functionality of Fdate, its documentation, and its demonstration batch files, and disclaims liability for anything and everything bad that might happen in connection with, before, during, or after using it. I have tried to make Fdate work right, but everybody makes mistakes, so you use Fdate at your own risk.