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.EXAMPLE.....: 42 Get date to tell PKZIP to compress files older than 30 days
.CATEGORY....: examples
PKZIP (a popular file-compression utility) can be used to compress and archive files that are older/younger than a given date. To run PKZIP on files that are, for example, older than 30 days, we need the date that was 30 days before today's date. To get it, we use Fdate to subtract 30 days from today's date, and put that date out in PKZIP's "American" format (MMDDYY). (Fdate also supports PKZIP's Japanese and European formats.)

The example code compress all files that were created before a date 30 days ago. For more information, see PKZIP's MANUAL.DOC file.

Fdate /Fsub /N30 /Ommddyy /VArchiveDate
pkzip -T%ArchiveDate%