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.EXAMPLE.....: 82 Rename a file to a name that contains today's time
.CATEGORY....: examples
This is a way to keep a complete series of files, such as log files, that are all created with the same name on the same day. The only requirement is that they be created at least one minute apart. You won't need to be able to decipher the absolute minute to figure out when the file was created; you can simply do a DIR on the file and look at its date/time stamp.

If don't need to do this with a granularity down to the minute, if a granularity of just a date will do the job, see EXAMPLE 81 Rename a file name to a name that contains today's date

FDATE /FF /At /Ominute# /VJulMin
REN online.log %JulMin%.log
SET JulMin=