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.FUNCTION....: #2Xx - Convert An Integer To Extended Hex Notation
.CATEGORY....: functions
This function takes an integer supplied on parameter /A, and returns a single character in extended hex (XX) notation.


"Extended hexadecimal" (XX) notation uses all of the digits and all of the letters of the alphabet to express numbers in the range of 0 to 35 as a single character.

With extended hex, even the 31st day of a month can be expressed as a single character (31 = V). So a monthly date can be expressed as just two characters. October 31 is "AV".

     :: returns the letter "Z"
     Fdate /F#2xx /A35

      number:    in XX is:
        0           0
        1           1
        9           9
       10           A
       15           F
       16           G
       17           H
       30           U
       31           V
       35           Z