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.FUNCTION....: ADD a number of days to a date
.CATEGORY....: functions
This function can be used to add N days to a date. Supplying a negative number for N will subtract N days from the date.

The number of days should be specified on the /N parm. For example N90 for 90 days.

Numbers in Fdate are stored in Turbo Pascal's LONGINT datatype, which means that Fdate can accept numbers up to 9 digits long.

 Fdate /Fadd /Nnumdays /Adate /Iformat /Oformat

 adds    numdays to the date specified on the /A parm
 and     produces date in /Oformat format

  Fdate /Fadd /N90 /A01-01-1992 /Imm-dd-ccyy /Od1
  Fdate /Fsub /N90 /A01-01-1992 /Imm-dd-ccyy /Od1
  Fdate /Fadd /N90 /Atoday                   /Od1