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.FUNCTION....: DIF - find the number of days between two dates
.CATEGORY....: functions
Returns number of days between /Adate and /Bdate

The order of the two dates is not significant.


For DIF, both dates must be in the SAME format, the input format specified in /Iformat. If the two dates are not in the same format, you must first reformat one of the dates using the /Ff function, then use DIF to get their difference.

  Fdate /Fdif /Adate /Bdate /Iformat

  Fdate /Fdif /A01-01-1992 /B11-11-1992  /Imm-dd-ccyy
  Fdate /Fdif /A11-11-1992 /B01-01-1992  /Imm-dd-ccyy
  Fdate /Fdif /Atoday      /B01-01-1992  /Imm-dd-ccyy