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.FUNCTION....: Echo - Output A String
.CATEGORY....: functions
EXAMPLE: Fdate /Fe /P"My name" /q" is " /S"Sonny-boy Slim"

The ECHO function (/Fe) produces only the strings specified using the /Q, /P, and /S parameters.

The /Fe function is mostly useful in conjunction with the /J (justify) parm. Justification, if specified using the /J parm, is applied only to the string, if any, supplied on the /Q parm. see PARAMETER /J - Justifying Output

One nifty feature of /Fe (although one that will be of interest only to extreme batch-file power users) is its ability, when used in conjunction with /V, to put a character into an environment variable that the SET command would not accept: characters such as an equal-sign "=" , the redirection symbol ">", and the pipe symbol "|". However, as we move into more advanced Windows environments (that is, NT and its derivatives, Win2000 and XP), the /V parm will no longer work, and this nifty feature will no longer be available.