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.FUNCTION....: F - Output A Formatted Date
.CATEGORY....: functions
FUNCTION Fdate /Ffunc /Adate /Iformat /Oformat

Since /Aformat and /Oformat can be different, the FORMAT function is used to change a date from one format to another.

The date formatting function "f" (invoked as "/Ff") returns /Adate in format specified by /Oformat

Because of the wide variety of output formats, the FORMAT function can also be used to determine the day of week of the ate, whether the date is in a normal or leap year, etc.

"format" is an obsolete, deprecated, synonym for this function.

       Fdate /Ff /A19920101 /Iccyymmdd /O"mn zd, ccyy"
       Fdate /Ff       /Atoday         /Od1
       Fdate /Fformat  /Atoday         /Od1
       Fdate /Ff /If /AFdate.exe /P"Fdate.EXE last updated: " /Ofull