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.FUNCTION....: Get And Getu - Get User Input Functions
.CATEGORY....: functions
These functions wait for the user to enter an input string, terminated by a press of the ENTER key. Then Fdate simply produces that same input string (or in the case of GETU, that input string in all upper case) as its output.

GET == get user input (case is unchanged from what was entered)

GETU == get user input (uppercase)

As with Fdate's other forms of output, this output can be displayed, redirected to a file, or (if your environment supports Fdate's /V parameter) placed into an environment variable.


This "get" function provides no edit mask for input -- Fdate will accept anything. The situation is helped by the fact that Fdate also provides a validate function (/Fv) which can be used to validate the user input, so that one can:

1. use /Fget to get user input and place it in an environment


2. use /Fv to validate the date in the Evar

3. use the rest of the batch file to process the user input

See examples: "Get user input" and FORATIM2.BAT

For a program that provides more sophisticated functions for getting user input in batch files (type checking, edit masks, etc.), I recommend Bob Stephan's shareware program GET, which is described elsewhere in this documentation.