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.OVERVIEW....: Parameters
Fdate's parameters are listed here as Backward References.

Fdate accepts the following parameters:

/F /A /B /C /I /O /P /S /N /D /L /V /T /Q /J /K /X /Y

If the /F parameter is not present, Fdate displays a help screen.

If you get Fdate's help screen when you don't expect it, you probably

forgot to specify the /F parameter or mistyped it.

Parameters can be in any order and upper or lower case.

What parameters are required (other than /F) depends on the function requested with the /F parameter. Unnecessary parameters are simply ignored.


          Fdate /Ff                /P"Today is "
          Fdate /Fdif /B12-25-TTTT /P"It is " /S" days until Christmas"