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.PARAMETER...: /Oxxx - Extended Hex Output Date Format
.CATEGORY....: parameters
The "extended hex" output format is a pre-defined output format, represented as:


This format represents dates for the years 1990-2024 in 3 characters of "extended hex" ("XX") notation. For more on XX notation, see FUNCTION #2Xx - Convert An Integer To Extended Hex Notation

The first character is the XX representation of the number of years since 1990 (1990 = 0, 1991 = 1, etc.). If you attempt to output a date outside of the 1990-2024 range in XXX format, Fdate will report an error (i.e. return "ERROR" and errorlevel of 1).

The second and third characters contain the XX representation of the month-number and day-of-month-number, respectively.

     "1993 Feb  1"  is represented as  "321"
     "2000 Dec 25"  is represented as  "ACP"