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.PARAMETER...: /P - Output prefix
.CATEGORY....: parameters
Supplying a value for the /P parameter prepends the value to the Fdate output:

Example: On July 4, 2003

  fdate /ff /oCCYY-MM-DD /p"Today is: "

 Today is: 2003-07-04
A common use for this feature is to help create a batch file that sets an environment variable containing the Fdate output.

  Fdate /ff /oCCYY-MM-DD /p"set date1" >junk1.bat
  call junk1.bat
  del  junk1.bat
This feature was needed before the introduction of the /C (custom output format). Since then, there is less need for it, although it is still convenient for many purposes.

This is a companion parameter to the /S parameter.