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.TOPIC.......: Xset - A Utility For Creating Environment Variables Under NT, Win2k, XP
XSET 5.29 : Extended SET Instruction

(C) 1991-1998 Stern Marc

Everything you always wanted to put in an environment variable but were afraid to ask DOS, NT or OS/2 for . . .

XSET: The easy way to write efficient batch files.

XSET allows you to put EVERYTHING you want in a variable of the current environment and use it as if you had assigned it the value with the standard DOS command 'SET'. You will be able to write very efficient batch files including string manipulation, calculation, ...

XSET is the most powerful environment variable manipulation program you have ever seen. It also has a very easy and intuitive user interface (very close to the 'SET' command). It is not a resident program; so it will not interfere with any of your other applications.

XSET is fully compatible with MS-DOS (from 3.30), DR-DOS, NDOS, 4DOS, OS/2, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

XSET has seven major features: